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Case Study




Tripkicks offers a B2B SaaS solution specifically designed to assist travel managers with corporate travel management reporting. Through innovative technology, Tripkicks enables efficient tracking, analysis, and reporting of travel expenses and patterns, empowering data-driven decision-making and policy optimization.



Why Feld Ventures Invested

  • Demonstrated ability to sell into enterprise companies despite being a young product, which showcased the demand for this product

  • Founder’s experience in the industry along with his passion and ingenuity made it a no-brainer to invest in Tripkicks

Founding Team

Jeff is the founder and CEO of Tripkicks. Jeff started his career in Management Consulting where he eventually became the Managing Director of a consulting firm that delivered delivery of travel programs and travel technology for numerous Fortune 500 clients. His expertise in the field eventually led him to start Tripkicks. With his deep network and knowledge of the space, he has scaled the company to where it is at today.


Jeff Berk

Founder & CEO, Tripkicks


Shane, Christian, and John provide more than just financial support. They offer a genuine partnership based on authenticity, shared vision, and relentless pursuit of success. Feld Ventures' unique perspectives and unwavering commitment are invaluable, propelling us into new territories. With Shane and his team as our ally, we embark on this journey with camaraderie and unwavering determination, destined to make a significant impact in our industry.

Jeff Berk

Founder & CEO, Tripkicks

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