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Case Study

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SOLO empowers third-party decision-makers to streamline data collection from months to minutes by transitioning from self-reported applications to embedded, system-generated autonomous reporting.



Why Feld Ventures Invested

  • Significant opportunity in the market validated by amazing metrics performing at the 90th percentile of Seed Companies

  • Attracted Tier 1 funds like Tribe, a16z, and Ribbit

  • Driven by passion and confidence

Founding Team

Georgina began her career as a researcher and policy advisor at the G20, focusing on non-traditional security threats, and played a role in introducing blockchain legislation in the G7 in 2019. Georgina's interest in tech and AI began when she worked on an algorithm that identified the finance manager in a decentralized network of jihadists online. In 2020, she founded an invoicing and financing app for freelancers in Egypt and sold it to the National Bank of Egypt, before founding SOLO.


Georgina Merhom

Founder & CEO, SOLO


In the two months I’ve worked with Feld Ventures, they’ve introduced me to investors, advisors, customers, and talent. They’ve gone as far as conducting some of our hiring interviews.


Shane & Christian are always on call for advice, questions and moral support. As a solo founder, this is the closest I’ve felt to having a co-founder and sharing the burden with Shane & Christian, who feel more like an extension of our team than investors

Georgina Merhom

Founder & CEO, SOLO

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