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People don’t just want us on the cap table,

they fight for us

Our firm uniquely combines over $15M in strategic investments across 15+ companies, elite partnerships with industry giants, and a trusted network of founders-turned-LPs, securing exclusive deals and leveraging our influential network.


This positions us not just as investors, but as indispensable partners accelerating value for our portfolio companies.



Historical Deals



Current Fund Deals



Total Participating Investors


Unparalleled deal-flow, generated from

the entire tech ecosystem

Our team receives hundreds of deals from our founder network that is coupled with a diligent outbound process reaching hundreds of founders. We diligently we review every single one to ensure the deal is right for the fund.

Our process includes detailed research and due diligence (customer calls, financial analysis, several founder calls, etc.) packaged into one Investment Memo that we share to our LPs so they know exactly why we invested into a company.


Previous Memos + Investment Framework Models can be provided on a per request basis.

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