Investment Portfolio


Vectara's Neural Search as a Service gives developers a complete machine learning search pipeline with fast & easy to use APIs.

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Heroes is a technology driven e-commerce company that acquires, operates, and scales consumer brands that have proven category-winning products on global marketplaces. 

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VersusGame is a global entertainment mobile gaming product that allows users to put their knowledge of mainstream culture to good use.

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The Convoy

The Convoy is a marketplace helping SMBs leverage group-buying power to compete with larger enterprises.

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Everytable is an innovative food and technology company, as well as a mission-driven social enterprise with a highly scalable healthy fast food concept. 

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Toka helps government, law enforcement, and security agencies keep citizens safe and defend against terror and crime.

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Curated travel apartments in the best neighborhoods in Mexico and Brazil. Perfect for long or short-term stays. 

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Clearco is the fastest, most affordable way for founders to fund their business.

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We're a wellness technology company building intelligent robots to help people have better relationships with their bodies.

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Loop is a subscription management platform for Shopify brands.


Cross-border & domestic payments simplified.

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Unstruk Data

Unstruk Data is a full-stack unstructured data platform which leverages machine learning and a user-friendly data analytics interface, to empower analysts to draw impactful data points and conclusions from their unstructured data.

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Dr. B

Creating a flexible, patient-focused model by cutting out medication fulfillment and focusing solely on the prescription itself.

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