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Connecting founders with capital, network, and talent. 

Feld Ventures aims to be the early-stage capital provider of choice for startups who leverage financial technology to power, grow, and strengthen their businesses.

We invest in companies at different stages and have a hands-on operational approach, ensuring each individual investment become successful.


Why is Feld Ventures so different?



We have the opportunity to co-invest in saturated cap tables alongside renowned investors such as a16z, Michael Dell, and many more.



We have the ability to anticipate emerging trends ahead of time, such as recognizing Vectara's potential prior to the emergence of ChatGPT.



We built a strong reputation in the industry not only as an investor, but also as an advisor and operator for several startups.


I asked Shane to talk to a senior executive at Square who I was recruiting. They talked. He joined the team. I asked Shane for an intro to a higher up at a B2B fintech company. Shane made the call. We got the meeting. I asked Shane to bring in an investor with specific experience from a specific Fortune 100 company. He literally got it done.

Yasin Abbak

Co-Founder & CEO, The Convoy

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